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    Amdavad Eye Laser Hospital based in Ahmedabad in India is primarily a leading tertiary care eye centre, which provides a whole gamut of services in the field of ophthalmic care. The services are bench marked to world class standards. The key strength of the organization is
    deployment of cutting edge technology besides expertise.

    Amdavad Eye Laser Hospital based in Ahmadabad in India is primarily a leading tertiary care eye center which provides a whole gamut of services in the field of ophthalmic care. The services are bench marked to world class standards. The key strength of the organization is deployment of cutting edge technology besides expertise. The hospital quality systems are accredited towards high class standards and all key processes are currently redefined to meet the standard.

    30+ years of experience

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    Tertiary Eye Care Services

    • Cataract Management

      In the normal eye the lens inside is clear and transparent, but when cataract develops it becomes cloudy and opaque. So the...

    • Bladeless & Conventional Lasik Procedure

      Most patients are very pleased with the results of their refractive surgery. However, like any other medical procedure, there are risks involved....

    • ICL implantation for high Myopia

      The ICL (Implantable Contact Lens) is a state-of-art refractive error solution that is ideal for anyone who has the need or desire...


    What our Patient's Say

    • testi

      Mitesh Prajapati

      Recently got LASIK surgery from Amdavad Eye Laser Hospital & It was wonderful experience. Dr. Tejas Shah is a wonderful guy. And Hospital staff is also very supportive. Totally recommend this place.

    • testi

      Mitesh G

      My glasses number was 6, my experience after surgery here was very good as the Dr. here had told me. dr is very good and experienced i am happy with the surgery, Heartfelt thanks to the entire staff and all Dr. Thank you so much Dr Tejash sir..💐🙏

    • testi

      Shreya Patel

      It was nice experience. Doctors are also good. And staff(yasin bhai) are also good and helping nicely.

    • testi

      Nitin Chavan

      Sharing my reviews after my son, my mother , my father in law and now finally my mother in law for cataract surgery. What you should expect here is assurance of successful surgery. Please you will feel like Dr Tejas is someone who speaks very nicely. And the fear you have just go away the moment you have interaction with...

    • testi

      Kantilal Rathod

      I had done my cataract surgery in this hospital and i am very much satisfied with all the hospitality given by all staff and Dr. Tejas shah is a wonderful and very kind doctor as he done my treatment successfully and treat with us very kindness manner

    • testi

      Sohag Nanavati

      Dr. Tejas shas is one of the best doctor in ahmadabad and gujarat in ophthalmology with all latest equipments and nice hospital environments with a superb staff's behaviors and attitude towards the young to old age patients. I woul d recommend the doctor Tejas shah rather than doctor a famiky friend behavior keeps me to get well soon. Thank you.

    • testi

      Aditya Patel

      I had eye lasik surgery here last week and the results are amazing! Dr. Tejas Shah was great, explained the whole process and was very gentle during the surgery. The entire staff is very friendly and service is exceptional. Definitely recommend this place!

    • testi

      pandey harish

      I had came this hospital for eye chk up., very good service, Dr. Tejas shah is a very good doctor and very kind for counseling all staffs are very polite and kind, good hospitality.

    • testi

      Nilkanth Construction

      V good

    • testi

      Devabhai Bapodara

      it's a best hospital for eye leser treatment very good result

    • testi

      Kunvarji Bhalara

      We had done cateract surgery and we are very much satisfy will all the treatment given by Dr. તેજસ શાહ, he is very nice doctor and all staffs are very well behaved.

    • testi

      Seema Thakkar

      My experiance in Amdavad eye laser hospital was awesome, dr. Tejas Shah is a wonderful doctor and he treated me in a very kiND manner with respectfully and all stafs are also very supportive and very softly they behave with us, I also recommended many of my neighbours and friends to get treatment under dr. Tejas Shah. Thank you very...

    • testi

      Dipti Dudhiya

      My experience this hospital is very good Dr Tejas Shah is very careful during the surgery all staff are very helpful so I recommend this hospital for cataract surgery

    • testi

      Jay Patel

      Much satisfied with the cataract surgery at amdavad eye laser hospital, Dr. Tejas shah and staff is very helpful and after treatment experience is also very good

    • testi

      Kiritkumar Modi

      Good experience with doctor's and staff members.

    • testi

      Nisha Khoja

      I have visited the hospital and Dr. Tejas Shah is very good, the treatment has been done and the staff is also very polite. The environment there is also very nice I am getting the lesson done and I am very much satisfied 😊😊😊😊

    • testi

      Sarah Khoja

      This is the best hospital they treated very well Dr.Tejas Shah did very well treatment I was very comfortable there.The staff are also friendly😀😀

    • testi

      Bhupendra Batt

      Satisfaction all of services... N good doctors.... N staff.... 😊

    • testi

      Gufran Rajput

      My self Akil Qureshi, was having a cylinder number and done ICL treatment and now feeling much better. My treatment was done by Dr.Tejas Shah and he is a very good doctor and he treated very well also staff is very supportive and helpful

    • testi

      Aruna Devi

      My name is Manish Kumar soni. My name is Dr. in Amdavad eye laser hospital. Tejas Shah has undergone ICL surgery. Other doctors refused to operate on me, so Dr. Tejas Shah did my operation very well, I liked it very much, all the staff cooperated very much, the behavior of all the staff was very good.

    • testi

      Parul Shah

      Maru naam parul shah che Maru operation scraping thyu che Ane Maru operation success gayu che Dr Tejas Shah is very nice his nature is also very mild and staff are very cooperative guys

    • testi

      Naresh Soni

      Maru nam naresh k Soni che aa hospital ma mari wife deepika Soni nu retina surgery thayu, atyare emne bhuj saru che, ame aya 25 varsh thi aaiye che Mara mother father sister brothers badha nu treatment aaj hospital ma Dr. Tejas Shah pase kariyo, dr asheb nu support bhuj saru che and adha staff nu pan swabhav bauj saru...

    • testi

      Yash Patel

      My experience has been the best , very helpful and friendly environment Had a surgery and the results have been very satisfactory and post care from all the staff members was very appreciable Highly recommend it for all your eye problems and skin treatments

    • testi

      prachi parekh

      It was a good experience. Doctors are very helpful

    • testi

      Ramesh Saxena

      a week agoNEW I am chandrika saxena had done my cataract surgery under Dr. Tejas shah and Dr. Prekshah shah they are very nice doctors explained me so nicely and done my treatment peacfully and successful all the staffs are very supportive behaviour and very kind.

    • testi

      chauhan vidhyut

      I am vidhyut chauhan and I am very happy with the treatment of lesik done by Dr. Tejas Shah and team he is very good doctor and explained me each and every necessary points. All staffs are very good and well trained with their good behaviour i thank all of them.

    • testi

      Janardan Shah

      I went tovAhmedavad Eye laser Hospital for csteract of my Right eye... Dr Harshad Peajapati n his team is good n his staff is very cooperative .. He took many followed up n i fully satisfied.

    • testi

      Ruchi Tripathi

      Very friendly hospital for patients of any age. Well trained staff and efficient team of Doctors . They provide complete eye care solutions. Must visit for any eye related problems.

    • testi

      Rashmikant Mehta

      Good hospital with professional doctors..Best treatment provided..

    • testi

      Kandarp Prajapati

      one of the best eye hospital with the supportive staffs and doctors.. they take care of patients like their family members..explanation by staff and doctors about all things related to eyes is helpful to reduce the query of patients.

    • testi

      Ronak Chaudhari

      My wife operated for LASIK operation by Dr Tejas D Shah at amdavad eye laser hospital 2 days before.. She is fine now. I will recommended Amdavad Eye Laser Hospital for Eye Problem and For Eye Surgery.

    • testi

      Parmar Chirag

      Perfect place for eye check up and eye treatment👍

    • testi

      Kishor Patel

      Best place to get your LASIK done I am from banglore I travelled all the way from banglore to ahemadabad to get my LASIK done all the doctor’s over here are friendly and professional and the work done is really very good.

    • testi

      Jay Vihat Rahul Soidavar

      Good service in eyes and skin treatment.

    • testi

      Rita solanki


    • testi

      Ashwini Parmar

      Execellent team of Doctors . Had an amazing treatment experience with Dr. Tejas Shah. Very nice and co-operative staff . Highly recommended hospital for any eye -related problems. 👍 😀

    • testi

      Akash Parikh

      EXCELLENT HOSPITALNABH accredited - Amdavad Eye Laser Hospital based in Ahmedabad in India is primarily a leading tertiary care eye centre, which provides a whole gamut of services in the field of ophthalmic care. Amdavad Eye Care is exceptional because of its quality of service and caliber of Doctors, Expert diagnostics ability, access to latest equipment's and above all a...

    • testi

      Thakkar Dipesh

      Amazing experience..great service Dr harshad prajapati is great and staff Yasin Bhai is also very helpful....


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