Oculoplasty Procedure

The structures around the eye namely the eye socket (orbit) with its components of muscles, fats, nerves and bone, the tear duct system composed of tear secreting and tear draining structures and finally the eyebrows and eyelids provide a very important function of protecting the eye within. Infections, injury and tumours may affect the above structures and not only affect vision but may even cost patient's life. Oculoplasty deals with such conditions in addition to providing surgical enhancement of the ageing face- the aesthetic surgery.

Defects of the eyelids arise as birth defects, from injuries either at school, home or at work and not infrequently from benign and malignant tumours of the eyelid . By use of refined techniques of eye plastic surgery, such eyelids can be restored to normal structure and function. Often times eyelids can be droopy causing increasing strain or even lazy eyes in children.In such situation 'Ptosis surgery' restores to a more acceptable form and function and thereby help treat this form of childhood blindness.

Watering of the eyes is a common complaint in the young and the old. While it can be related to dry eyes, more commonly a blockage of the drainage system may also result in swelling, discharge and even acute infections. Depending upon the cause, various lacrimal system drainage surgeries may alleviate the symptoms and lifelong misery.

Problems of the eye socket (orbit) include fractures, inflammations and even tumours. Depending upon the presentation, appropriate investigations helps in tailoring treatment to the patient which helps rehabilitate not only the sockets but the patient as a whole.

Loss of an eye may result from severe infections, injury or cancer. Left with a permanent disfigurement with physical and psychological consequences, various interventions tailored to the individual patient like prosthesis fitting with or without socket surgery more or less restores normal appearance to aid the patients lead socially acceptable normal lives.

Thyroid eye disease is a common condition where eye disease may be related to general health. This debilitating disease not only results in abnormal facial appearance but also may lead to blindness. While most of them can be managed with medications alone, restorative and rehabilitative surgery may help in preventing/reversing blindness and disfiguration.