Glaucoma Assesment & Treatment


Glaucoma is a very dangerous eye disease and a silent killer of vision too and second most common cause of blindness in the world. As it does not display any early warning signs, many sufferers do not know that they may have Glaucoma, and by the time there is a noticeable symptom, an irreversible damage could have already occurred.

It causes damage to the optic nerve because of elevated intraocular pressure. In its early stages, glaucoma may present no symptoms and can gradually damage sight without warning.

Since Glaucoma has no noticeable symptoms. It can only be diagnosed through a routine Eye check up by measuring the Eye Pressure and some specific tests of which the Gold Standard test is Field of vision Test (Perimetry). Only an Eye Examination can detect glaucoma.

Those over 40, years of age having a family history of Glaucoma, high Myopia, high blood pressure or diabetes and those who have suffered any eye injuries in the past or have used steroids are all at high risk of Glaucoma. While older adults are at high risk, it can strike at any age.
Yes. Glaucoma often goes unrecognized until significant permanent damage and some loss of sight has occurred which is peripheral, it is only field of vision- through Perimetry testing it is diagnosed.

Glaucoma is usually controlled with eye drops taken daily. These medications lower eye pressure, either by decreasing the amount of aqueous fluid produced within the eye or by improving the flow through the drainage angle.

Never change or stop taking your medications without consulting your ophthalmologist.Once you are taking medications for Glaucoma, your ophthalmologist will want to see you more frequently. Typically you can expect to visit your ophthalmologist every three to four months. This will vary depending on your treatment needs.

If medications don't work and symptoms become severe then a Surgery is recommended.

Are you over 40 years? YES/NO

Does anyone in your family have Glaucoma? YES/NO

Do you have high myopia? YES/NO

Do you have High Blood pressure or Diabetes? YES/NO

Have you used Steroids for long time? YES/NO

Do you have eye injuries in the past? YES/NO

If answer is "YES" to any of above questions, you are at risk for Glaucoma.

It is an eye disease that can cause loss of vision. Often called as "Sneak Thief Of Sight" , Glaucoma is deadly because there are no early warning signs. In fact, you may be suffering from Glaucoma but do not know it. By the time you experience some vision loss, an irreversible damage has already occurred. Fortunately treatment can save your eyes if Glaucoma is detected early.